Time to Take The Next Step

Very cool. I’m always happy when folks want to learn to code.


These words might all mean the same thing to you. Perhaps you hear geek, nerd, and dweeb, but we all know these have very important differences. Knowing the differences also can give you a sense of how deep you want to go on your coding adventure.

  • Coders – Can pretty much figure out it. It’ll work, but it won’t be pretty.
  • Hackers – usually low level folks, skillful, with detailed understanding of some area deeply, often scarily deeply.
  • Programmer – Write code and understand algorithms. Often work alone and well.
  • Developer – Are the best generalists, can use lots of different systems and languages and get them to talk to each other. Are true and broad professionals, work with people, and communicate well.
  • Computer Scientist – Need to be able to prove how computers work, at a theoretical level. Are usually math people also.



What’s the question under the question? Does she want to make websites? Design them? Does she want to make mobile applications and take them on the go? Does she want to create a gadget that will text her when she leaves the garage door open too long? These are all very different endpoints and there’s lots of great ways to get started if we dig in a little.

  • Interested in Web Development?
    • Any of the many “Learn to Code” sites mentioned above will do fine.
  • Interested in Hardware?
    • Consider a Raspberry Pi or Arduino.
  • Already a techie but want to learn the hard way?

The Right Web Designer/Developer For You

Hello and thanks for visiting Gil Emerson’s Official WordPress Blog I am a freelance web designer living in Toronto, Canada. I am young, ambitious and very good at what I do. If you stopped here because you need a specialist in website creation and SEO, you have came the right place, check out my website at your own pace and see for yourself. Have a look at the quality of service we have accomplished and diversity of what I can offer. I also have a example shown at gilemerson.ca. Until then let’s get to know each other better and see how I can help.

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What is a Freelancer Web Designer?

You hear this term, and you wondered what a freelance web designer is and what they can do better for you. So you went online and “landed” on gilemerson.ca

Then let’s start with the beginning: In the market for web design and website promotion there are two players: large companies (from which you can expect steep prices in terms of creating the site and site optimization for Google), and the second category – the freelance web design. Virtually any freelancer decided to separate from a larger corporation to provide better customer’s web services, which is where my company comes in. The prices of web design firms seemed unreasonable to me, so I put myself in the position of the client and tried to offer the same quality services provided by a company named at substantially reduced costs.

The answer to the above question is very simple: a freelance web design is a professional web designer which broke the “herd” and offers high quality services at very competitive prices. A successful freelancer is versatile and fulfills several roles: designer, developer, director of marketing, communication expert, consultant / technical adviser and employee at the same time.

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